Rebuttals to the recent bad press about fixed indexed annuities

By Lew Nason

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Here we go again! Fixed indexed annuities are being slammed by the financial media. Forbes magazine and Money magazine are up to their old tricks, using the same old scare tactics we’ve seen over and over again in their efforts to discredit the insurance industry and their products by the misrepresentation of facts, outright false statements, and citing the actions of a few bad apples as evidence to support their claims.

The misleading and false statements in these articles bring up some disturbing questions:
  • Why would these respected publications even publish something this blatantly biased and false? What's their hidden agenda? Is it just sensationalistic journalism to get more readers? Or, maybe it's to satisfy their big Wall Street advertisers?

  • What credentials do the authors of these articles have? Where is their due diligence? They are accusing our industry of misleading consumers. Isn't that exactly what they are doing in their articles?

  • How can they dismiss a product that offers principal protection and guaranteed returns? Especially when the stock market has dropped 50 percent for the second time in less than 10 years, and has hurt so many people?

  • How many people will be mislead by their false information? Will some of the people who read these articles believe their outrageous propaganda and not have the opportunity to benefit from the clear, exceptional advantages of a fixed indexed annuity?
Fortunately, Sheryl Moore, the president and CEO of, has taken the time to dissect these two articles, to give consumers the honest truth about how these fixed indexed annuities products work and their benefits. Please take the time to read her recent rebuttals. They are great articles to give to consumers who may be questioning the validity of using a fixed indexed annuities in their financial plans.

If you would like copies of these two articles, please request copies in the comment section below.