The art of thank you

By Michael Kaselnak

5Q Group

Handwritten thank you notes tell people you have style and grace. You can simplify the thank you process by using this step-by-step method:
  • Always have a box of thank you cards open and ready in your desk drawer

  • Always have stamps on hand

  • Come up with a list of reasons to thank people: A client’s CPA for speaking with you, a closed sale, a prospect meeting with you, a general thinking of you thanks for your continued trust, a thank you for a referral, etc.
Commit to writing just three cards every day, first thing in the morning. No exceptions! If you don’t write them first thing, you will put it off until tomorrow. It doesn’t matter to whom or why, just do it!

After just one year, you will have written over 750 personal thank you cards. If you don’t think that will generate a ton of business for you, you had better have another idea to replace it. This does work. If only one half of 1 percent generate a sale, that is still three or four sales a year. Not bad for such a small marketing system.