Social networks: How you're connected to the herd

By Ernest Falkner III

Zillion Dollar Thinking

From the phrase "herd mentality" comes the word "herd," meaning "group of living creatures," and "mentality," implying a certain frame of a thinkable mind. The condensed and personalized definition might be: how large numbers of people are influenced to act in the same way at the same time.

Herd behavior is distinguished from herd mentality because it applies to animals and people, whereas the term mentality implies a uniquely human phenomenon. Herd mentality can also imply a fear-based reaction to peer pressure which makes individuals act in order to avoid feeling "left behind or left out" from the group. Herd mentality is also sometimes known as "mob mentality.”

The product

Today, we are being conditioned by unexplained and unchallenged polls, undocumented news information, articles and posts, corporate edicts, labor groups, political organizations, various religious movements, and a zillion other herding influences.

Considering the stakes, it may be well worth it to take a reflective inventory of how we are interconnected to these herds (for example, all social networks are a form of herding).

The answer to how all of this may turn out could be:

"Who will influence the herds? ”
As always, you will decide.