Pre-emptive strike

By ullerpie

Sometimes, we get caught up in the excitement of our own products, and think they're such no-brainers that they'll sell themselves if we just flash a few numbers around and hold out our pen so our prospect can sign the paperwork.

Sometimes we're right. But when it comes to positioning indexed universal life, we have to ask ourselves, "Where is the money coming from that we're asking clients to fund our products?" It's most likely coming from an account being managed by a mainstream financial adviser of some sort who is guarding that account like a mama lion protecting her cubs.

If we don't remind clients that lions eat people, it might not matter how good our products are — we're never going to displace that long-term relationship on product alone.

Try this: Without telling your prospect what strategies/vehicles you use to help folks build wealth, tell them that you specialize in strategies that eliminate 100 percent of your clients' exposure to market risk, that you eliminate 100 percent of your client's exposure to all future taxes and that you completely neutralize the impact of fees and commissions on their estate.

We know that there is nothing in the mainstream world that can accomplish those three things all at the same time. Nothing. We know that we can. Our job is to be sure our prospect has to connect those dots.

Tell your prospect that if their current adviser is already doing those things for them, then they're probably in good hands. If not, perhaps you should talk. We know they're not — because they can't.

I promise you'll find this technique a conversation starter. And if we can get conversations started, then we can help people and close deals.