Living to work? Try working to live

By SteveDrozdeck

Drozdeck & Assoc.

A "Dilbert" cartoon this morning got me thinking about the sad state of thinking of many managers. In the cartoon the HR director said, "We're no longer using the term 'work-life balance' because it implies that your life is important. Now we call it 'work-life integration' so it's easier to make you work when you would prefer being with loved ones."

Wow. While funny, there are a lot of companies in all areas of business that seem to promote that message, especially in rough economic times.

Remember that you're not living to work, rather, you're working to live.

Make sure that you enjoy as much of your life as possible. I've seen too many "top producers" who were miserable as human beings and were/are so stressed out that life had lost much of its enjoyment.

Whatever you do, don't let it happen to you.

Continued best wishes,

Steve Drozdeck