Medicare Select: Are sales opportunities passing you by?

By Precision Senior Marketing

Precision Senior Marketing

Medicare Select is one of the best kept secrets of today’s top producing agents. Medicare Select offers all of the great benefits of a traditional Medicare Supplement but costs approximately 15 percent – 20 percent less.

Your clients are able to visit their doctor of choice, without the need for approval or pre-certification. If hospital care is needed, your clients may visit any of the hospitals that are affiliated with their Medicare Select insurance policy, anywhere in the country*.

Medicare Select is an ideal option for seniors living on a budget, since the yearly savings could go a long way toward cost of living expenses. For example, a 75-year-old woman in Florida would spend $2,152.35 on her Medicare Select plan instead of $2,457.22 with a Plan F Medicare Supplement, $304.87 a year savings.

Many of your clients already use a hospital affiliated with the Medicare Select network, this is the perfect opportunity to help reduce their healthcare premiums.

* This insurance plan utilizes a network of participating hospitals. In the absence of emergency confinement, you must use one of the network hospitals.