​Sales tip: How to give a long-time client a new approach

By Rich Jarvis

After many of our training events, when producers learn about a much better process and approach to take with their clients, I have often heard, "How can I ask my old clients to meet with me about something so different than what I have been doing in the past?"

I have found that analogy is a great way to illustrate the answer to this question:

Imagine how you would feel if a family doctor you had known for a long time reached out to you about a health concern you had expressed earlier. In the conversation, he mentioned that he was aware of your concerns and over the years, spent much of his time continuing his education and study to find better solutions that could make a great difference for you. Recently, he discovered some things that would dramatically impact the strategies you use to solve the problems you have been facing and knows if he could share it with you, you would feel the same way.

"When would you like me to share what I've learned with you?" he asks. What would you say? How would you feel about him? How wonderful it would be to have your doctor take that much interest in your health and well-being to spend time learning better ways for you to solve your problems.

Not only would it endear you to him, but wouldn't you tell your friends about your experience? Absolutely!

The same is true in our world of financial services. Using this approach will not only set you apart, but your clients will be anxious to learn from you and recommend your services to others. Simply stated, put that "Good Doctor Hat" on so-to-speak, and give them a call. Most importantly, regardless of what has been recommended in the past, if there is something that would benefit your client, then we should all be good stewards and communicate it to them as soon as possible.

An example script:
    Mr. and Mrs. Client,

    I have valued and very much enjoyed getting to know you over the years. As you have expressed financial concerns, I have worked hard to offer you the best recommendations possible. In fact, I have spent a considerable amount of my professional time learning how to better serve you and make those recommendations even better. Recently, I have discovered a new approach that would dramatically impact the strategies you use to solve financial problems and concerns and know if I could share it with you, you would feel the same way. When would you like me to walk you through what I've learned?
I wish you all the very best for your clients!

Happy Selling!
Rich Jarvis