Editor's picks from around the Web (3/25/-3/29)

By Vanessa De La Rosa

This week's picks include strategies for using permanent life insurance in qualified plans, a question about the affluent and annuities, determining a better retirement plan for your clients, a book that aims to expose the dark side of the personal finance industry, and a video discussion about disability insurance reform, to name a few.

Why is American Health Care So Ridiculously Expensive? (The Atlantic)

“It would be nice to say that high prices are a bug of our medical system. But they're a feature. They're part of a choice we've made.”

Refining Cost Variables for Better Retirement Plans (Financial Advisor)

“Retirement income planning is a complex process with many moving parts and a lot of variables. Making educated assumptions is an important part of retirement planning, and if advisors get it wrong, the error can get compounded over decades.”

Insurance Agent Takes Stand on Gay Marriage in Supreme Court Case (Insurance Journal)

“’I would have liked to see more insurance interests join in,’ he said, adding that he realizes that it’s tough to put one’s name on something that can affect business. ‘I think at some point we as individuals have to stand up for what we believe in.’”

Do rich people buy annuities? (MarketWatch)

“The rich are usually rich for a reason. So do annuities even get their attention when it comes maximizing their investment goals?”

WonkTalk: Does disability insurance need reform? (Washington Post, video)

“Dylan Matthews and Brad Plumer discuss that recent This American Life story about the growth of America’s disability insurance program, which now costs $260 billion per year.”

Financial advisors exposed (CBS MoneyWatch)

“After reading this book, I found myself even more depressed than normal when thinking about my illustrious industry. Other than the advice to start a discussion about our money, Olen offered no solutions, and I asked her why.”

The Great Social Media Quality vs. Quantity Debate (WealthManagement)

“How much new business are you generating through social networks? Are you building deeper relationships with clients and COIs? If the answers are ‘zero’ and ‘not really,’ now is the time to rethink your overall social strategy.”

Strategies for Utilizing Permanent Life Insurance in Qualified Plans (Accountingweb)

“One of the advantages offered by qualified retirement plans is the ability to acquire life insurance on plan participants using existing plan assets and future contributions to pay the premiums.”