Decisions, decisions, decisions

By JHLynch

Sales First Aid

The decision. The moment of truth. The moment when you expect to find out if you have scored or went wide right.

Too many times prospects and clients have made a decision not to make a decision and mislead us into thinking that we have something that we don't.

Many times we assume that we have the decision maker, or at least the one with the most influence and we don't. We might have one of many decision makers, or we might just have one of the decision makers who has input but not the final say.

If that were the case, how much time should you spend with this person and not the others? How in depth into the problem should you go with just this person? Why?

Everyone has their own view or perception of the problem. If we don't address the problem, as it is perceived by all decision makers, someone may feel that they were short changed or discounted and will end up being the person who doesn't want to go along with the proposed solution or plan.

The key is knowing who the decision makers are, what stature they have in the decision making process and the process itself. Knowing these things one can better determine how to proceed.

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