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Name: Philip Eide
Job Title: President
Company Name: BenefitPlace / BP Trade Show Biography: I am dedicated to family, fitness, sports, and intellectual endeavors while enjoying my business and private life. My goal is assist in shifting the Insurance and Benefits Industries to an Inbound Marketing model.

My business focus is on developing Insurance/Benefits strategies to assist in: "Shortening Selling & Buying Cycles, Reducing Marketing Costs and Increasing Revenues for providers of Plans, Programs & Services while simplifying the decision-making process for those researching and purchasing! I co-founded & For discussions, Join our Linkedin Group, Insurance Forum - is a Research and Information Resource Center dedicated to the Insurance and Benefits Industries - both Health and Life (H&L) and Property and Casualty (P&C). This website leverages the power of the Internet, Search Engines, SEO and Social Media to bring potential Buyers, Qualified Prospects, together with Insurance Companies, MGAs, GAs, PAs, Brokers, Agents, Service Providers, etc. All participants in the decision-making processes are provided free access to information they require to make empowered choices.

BP Trade Show is a virtual 24/7 Trade Show specifically focused on the Insurance and Benefits Industries. Insurance Companies, GAs, PAs, Brokers, Agents, Consultants, Service Companies, etc. are provided an opportunity to reach out to their constituencies - Brokers, Employers, Individuals, etc. - on an affordable and cost-efficient basis! Company Profile Pages are equivalent to traditional Booths. Plan Profile Pages are equivalent to traditional printed Brochures, Videos and Avatars are equivalent to having a Representative at a traditional trade show! Each of these capacities is a revenue source as well as advertising! Those with interest should email - or call 216.577.5579

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