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David Murphy

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Name: David Murphy
Job Title: Sales Vice President, National Accounts
Biography: In the last 30 years I have sold insurance, worked in marketing, advanced sales, product development, career-agency development, illustration design and distribution, agency management and agent-recruiting. I have worked for multiple companies, some of which have since disappeared from the marketplace. In 2007, I sought to align my experience and goals with a company that had solid management, was stable, intentional, valued relationships and was profitable. I wanted to work for a company that viewed itself simply as a steward of other people's money, and that had the corporate humility to appreciate its dependence on the agents and MGAs who bring customers. Then I found North American—a company that fits all these descriptions. My personal philosophy is to be in business on purpose. I work with Managing General Agencies (MGAs) who set goals, know what they want to accomplish and seek carrier partners who will help them reach written objectives. Periodically, I ask the MGAs to look at the next time segment and ask themselves what they want their agencies to look like in 6 months, a year, or further down the road. We quantify the types and amounts of sales needed to reach the goal. We quantify the number of agents needed to make those sales. We assess production, training, and recruitment. We establish a tactical marketing plan designed to drive the necessary sales and grow the required agent relationships. Then, we make mutual commitments of time, energy, people resources, and effort. Lastly, we execute the plan, monitor the progress, and have fun all along the way.
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