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Mitchell Smith

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Name: Mitchell Smith
Job Title: Managing Partner
Company Name: Universal Insurance Services Biography: For the past two decades, I have aided advisors, consumers and corp's in growing their businesses and personal plans through my own unique consulting techniques. Humbled and recognized as an expert in a variety of areas in the financial services industry, I endeavor to turn consulting into an art form, and have worked with firms that include Arthur Anderson, McKinsey and several Ins carriers on everything from advanced case modeling and product design to marketing, business planning and ethics. Working with some of the nation’s leading RIA’s, Benefit Firms and top Private Equity firms in the country, I have garnerinerd respect as a “go to” for corporate design, Insurance strategy and multi life programs in this complex field. As a nationally recognized professional speaker, I have spoken on a multitude of subjects in both the Insurance and Investment fields including economics, wealth preservation, business planning and the psychology of the investor. A regular featured speaker on NBC’s SmartMoney Today, I have discussed current issues and provided potential solutions. In addition, I have been a frequent contributor to many national magazines such as Business Week, Investment News and Benefits Selling. Experienced as a money manager, I have aided advisors and consumers in better understanding the economy and the complications of managing money through proprietary techniques. Creativity and implementation is a definitive strength which has allowed me to develop many programs and businesses such as PrivateAdvisor Suite, Any Business Solutions, and Advisor Architect, a coaching and practice management consulting model. My corporate client list over time has included companies and associations from the Fortune 500 and other major organizations. I am comitted to being the advisors advisor.
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