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Paivi Kaufman

Hollywood, FL

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Name: Paivi Kaufman
Job Title: CEO
Company Name: Mortgage Protection & Insurance Services, Inc. Biography: With over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, I have a strong history of assisting individuals and families with their insurance needs. Visit my website I also have turned my passion for dogs into a career. Stop by my website at for expert advice on raising a healthy, happy four legged family member. Get Expert Advice Today! If you don't have insurance, or are paying too much for insurance, call to speak with me today. It's fast. It's free. And you are under no obligation. Call 1-866-304-0312 for a free consultation. I have helped many individuals and their families secure their financial future. Shopping for the right insurance plan can be overwhelming. The advantage of using my expertise means that I will do the shopping, the comparisons and the research for you. Visit our new Living Benefit web site and watch the video. For additional information or to speak with an insurance expert, please call 1-866-304-0312 or email me at For additional information on raising a healthy, happy dog visit or email me at
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