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Thomas Day, MBA, CLU, CLRP

Centerville, UT

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Name: Thomas Day, MBA, CLU, CLRP
Job Title: Consultant
Company Name: The National Care Planning Council Biography: Thomas is passionate about helping our senior population solve the problems that arise with aging. This passion spans from his experience dealing with a difficult condition in his senior years. The treatment he received for his condition saved his life, and he was lucky. Without a good life resource plan, many seniors lose thousands of dollars from life-changing events that might have been handled much more cost effectively had a plan been put in place. Now more than ever our country needs experts in life resource planning to aid our aging generation. After graduating with a BA in physics and math, later earning an MBA, becoming a pilot during the Vietnam war, and working as a financial planner for many years, Tom came to the full realization of his passion for helping aging seniors. In 2002, he then founded the web-based company The National Care Planning Council which allowed him to work with seniors and their children. For ten years, Tom has used his expertise in financial planning, long-term care planning, life resource planning and VA Benefits to help thousands of seniors and senior service care providers across the United States. As an accredited claims agent, Director and leading adviser for the National Care Planning Council, he understands the issues that are plaguing our seniors, and is here to help. With each year, comes a new idea and a new plan. The need for elder care will never diminish and neither will Thomas Day's presence in the ever-growing field of life resource planning.
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