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Name: Thomas Luker
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Company Name: TLC Plan Services, LLC - TLC/Tax Liaison Consultants Biography: -----IF YOU ENJOY PAYING TAXES, DON'T READ THIS!----- We are administrators of Sec 105 Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans [MERP or Health Reimbursement Arrangements - HRA] for "micro-sized" biz. We would like you to contact us to see if we can support you &/or your contacts – if your business qualifies, you or your contacts might be able to save $1000-$2000-$4000 or more in payroll & income taxes - & would like to send you full info in a 17-page PDF TLC Folder, a listing of the A-Z TLC FAQs and also a PDF of our Administrative Manual, if you wish. We have a web-based service which lets the business owner self-administer reimbursements plus make annual revisions & reports. We provide affiliates/referrals with 3-level commissions. Call 888-TLC-PLAN [888-852-7526] or E: – W: – W: - Tom Luker, CLU - Founder & Kaaren Luker, CSM - TLC Plan Services, LLC - TLC/Tax Liaison Consultants - 7634 MidTown Rd #301 - Madison WI 53719
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