Beginners compliance (social media marketing series)

By Steve Savant

Just about the time you become convinced about social media and you’re ready to use it, compliance puts the kibosh on it. Well that’s changing, albeit painfully slowly. But that’s changing. Why? The world is changing. Everything is correlated. Everything relates. People talk the language of Tweets and texting with no room to pontificate, and disclose and use long disclaimers to explain themselves. Keep in mind that if it looks like advertising, sells like a promotion, or is just PR but cloaked in educating the client or prospect, then it’s advertising. And if it’s advertising then it falls under the jurisdiction of compliance. Steve and Amy take their time to explain the foundational approach to compliant social media and establish a plumb line reference point to help you stay on the straight and narrow. Amy is a national social media columnist and president of Financial Social Media.