Basic training Pt. 2 (social media marketing series)

By Steve Savant

The big social media networks are Google Plus, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. They each have a demographic appeal and have staked out their cyber space and marketing territory on the Internet. Social media communication has a “word-smithing” of its own, using messages measured from characters with punctuation to short pithy paragraphs to small articles via tweets, blogs, video blogs and microsite articles. Personal attributes and inter-relational chit chat rule the day. Forget about posting your business with a Grey Poupon MBA “about us” because nobody wants a corporate institutionalism.

Steve and Amy McIlwain walk you through the networks, the social media “speak” and how it all integrates together with a message of who you are not what you do. Amy is a national social media columnist and president of Financial Social Media.