Business overhead expense insurance

By Steve Savant

Since a major concern of a business owner is to keep his or her business running at all times, it only makes sense to provide the client with coverage to keep the business going, even when your client or one of the business owners becomes too sick or injured to work.

Business overhead expense (BOE) insurance covers a wide range of business overhead expenses, such as rent or lease payments, business property taxes, business insurance premiums, employee wages and benefits, utility bills, accounting and legal fees and other fixed business and equipment expenses. Steve and Dan discuss the need for a business owner to secure a BOE policy and the BOE disability insurance design process. They begin with explaining the basics of a BOE policy and then focus on who your ideal business owner client may be.

Steve and Dan wrap up this episode with a review of the importance of business overhead expense plan design, including a BOE sales strategy tip to help you sell more BOE policies and protect more businesses.