Right brain, left brain — Women and money series

By Steve Savant

There is a synaptic pathway, a bridge if you will, to both hemispheres in the female mindset, perfect for multi-tasking. For men, it’s not that the bridge is out... it’s that there is no bridge. Women can extrapolate and connect ideas that seem so unrelated to men. It is not illogical thinking. It transcends logic with intuitive results that border on clairvoyance.

Women focus on connections. Men focus on tasks. Women prevent problems. Men want to solve them after the fact. Women are long-term thinkers in goals, relationships and creating fond memories of family gatherings, not prom queen sagas. Men want immediate results, little relationship and memories of their prime time by telling those stories not recent stories.

Steve and Brittany Castro, CFP lay the groundwork for corporate courtship in matters of the heart, then the money.